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Give your pet a job.

Mental stimulation is as essential as physical exercise.

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Treat Puzzles for Pets

  • Your pet must move pieces in a particular order to uncover treats

  • Provides mental stimulation

  • Engages natural instincts

  • Handcrafted in the USA

  • Reduces unwanted behaviors

Introducing JigPaw  Puzzles

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Removed Cover.png

Remove base to load all treats at once!

Three Stacked.png

Stack multiple JigPaw puzzles for easy storage using connector pieces!   


Attach multiple JigPaw puzzles together using connector pieces:     

Three Styles.png

Three Styles

More coming soon!

What people are saying...

Bought all three for my 5 month pitbull puppy! He's 7 months now and they've held up beautifully and he doesnt get tired of them! Perfectly described, great quality.

Etsy Buyer

Ruby loves her JigPaw puzzles!!! Beautifully designed and so fun to watch her work through them. Quality product!

Etsy Buyer

Wonderful quality, was exactly as described. Enjoyed watching our dog figure out how to get treats from it! Will buy more for gifts!

Etsy Buyer

We have a Husky and this the first puzzle toy he hasn’t been able to destroy,the store bought ones aren’t built strong and don’t keep him entertained!

Etsy Buyer

Wonderfully made and a great variety of ways to hide treats and challenge our pup!

Etsy Buyer

My dog loves this puzzle! It keeps him busy and stimulated, and he seems so proud when he figures it out :) The quality was excellent and it holds up even with my giant puppy. Great product!

Etsy Buyer

it's like a Rubik's cube for your dog's brain! great quality!

Etsy Buyer

Cool puzzles! My dog was def stumped by them at first which is great. He's gotten the hang of it after some practice but I like that these are a bit more challenging than other dog puzzles I've seen on the market. They're well-made and creative! Thanks Pawdigy Pets! :)

Etsy Buyer

Is your pet a 

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