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Pawdigy was inspired by an Australian Shepherd by the name of Mason. When Mason was bored, he made no secret of this fact, particularly during the periods he had to endure apartment living. Mason enjoyed a life full of adventure and travel, and he was even an avid sailor, though perhaps that last one wasn't entirely his choice. Mason tried a lot of puzzle toys in his day before his human finally decided to make one of his own. Mason was the co-founder and original Pawdigy, and he is sorely missed. 

One more try.jpg

Mason, Co-Founder

2009 - 2020

New Finn.JPEG

Finn, Intern

2020 - Present

In 2020, Finn was brought on as the intern (#Finntern), and he now handles primary product-testing responsibilities. Finn enjoys chasing squirrels and is always the life of the dog park. As long as he gets to solve JigPaw puzzles regularly he does a remarkable job of not stealing toys from his new 8-month-old human sibling. Even if she does pull his fur sometimes. 

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