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How to use your JigPaw Puzzle

  • Always supervise your pet while using the JigPaw Puzzle. 

  • The JigPaw Puzzle is durable but not indestructible. Some pets will require guidance and/or correction to avoid chewing or other destructive behaviors.  

  • Treats can be loaded from the top by moving the sliding pieces individually, or loaded all at once from the bottom by removing the base and flipping the puzzle layer over with all holes covered by the sliding pieces. 

  • The bone-shaped connector pieces serve three purposes:

    • When placed vertically into the four slots on top of a JigPaw puzzle, they allow you to neatly stack another puzzle on top for convenient storage.

    • When placed horizontally into any of the six notches on the edges of the base piece, they allow you to connect multiple JigPaw puzzles together to increase the challenge for your pet. 

    • If it is difficult to remove the base piece by hand for treat loading, you can flip the puzzle over and push a connector piece into one or more of the bottom slots of the base piece to free the puzzle layer from the base piece.

  • You can wash the JigPaw with a scrub brush dipped in soapy water. It is not recommended to completely submerge the puzzle in order to avoid the possibility of swelling of the wood. 

Removed Cover.png

Base removed for rear treat loading


Connector pieces

Three Stacked.png

Stacked JigPaw Puzzles


Multiple connected JigPaw Puzzles

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