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Introducing the JigPaw Puzzle!  This handcrafted treat puzzle for pets currently comes in three varieties with more coming soon. Your pet must move the pieces in a certain order to retrieve delicious treats. This provides valuable mental stimulation for your pet along with endless entertainment for you. Designed for dogs but would be great for cats and bunnies too!

Features include:

  • Each JigPaw Puzzle contains eight or more treat compartments.
  • Various pieces must swing, slide or spin in a particular order to uncover the treat compartments.
  • Each moving piece has indentations to help your pet move them with their nose or paws.
  • The base piece of each JigPaw Puzzle is removable to allow for easier treat loading.
  • Comes in three varieties: The Swinger, The Slider, and The Spinner.
  • Each JigPaw includes four bone-shaped connector pieces for connecting and stacking multiple JigPaw Puzzles
  • Multiple JigPaws connect together allowing you to expand the puzzle and increase the challenge for your pet.
  • Multiple JigPaws stack neatly when not in use for easier storage.
  • Apart from the connector pieces, the JigPaw puzzle has no removable parts to help reduce chewing.
  • Made with high quality Baltic Birch wood and finished with all natural and food-safe Shellac.

Set of Two JigPaw Puzzles

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